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Livomap Hepto-Proactive



Highly Effective for Absorption of nutrients, Acne, Anorexia, Amoebiasis, Hepatomegaly, Liver functioning, Sluggish Liver

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Livomap is a judicious combination of highly documented liver protective herbs providing perfect protection to the liver in health, infection and inflammation.

In health, Livomap energizes liver and stimulates appetite. It improves flow of bile and prevents formation of gall stones.

Livomap is a potent antiviral, resolves symptoms in viral hepatitis and prevents chances of carrying the virus. Phyllanthus niruri and Picrorhiza Kurroa have been experimentally proved to have anti-HBs Ag activity.
Livomap reduces inflammation, promotes regeneration of liver cells by promoting protein and nucleic acid synthesis and thus reverses the cirrhotic [degenerative] changes brought on by chronic alcoholism or chronic hepatitis.
Livomap is a superior hepatoprotective.

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