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Ambimap Anti-Diarrhoea & Dysenteric



Diarrhoeas, Dysenteries of varied aetiology and parasitic intestinal disease. Ambimap possesses multi-directional and multi-various approach to control and cure diarrhoeas/dysenteries.


Ambimap is an excellent formulation for diarrhoea of varied aeitology. In Ayurveda, Atisar (diarrhoea) and Pravahika (commonly termed dysentery) are considered inter-related conditions. Diarrhoea is a disease wherein watery stools are passed; the Api or “Jal Dhatu”diminishes the “Jatharagni” (digestive fire) and gets activated by vitiated Doshas and passes out as watery stools. Dysentery is a related condition in which stools pass in a lesser amount along with mucus
(sometimes with blood also) but with increased frequency. Imbalanced Vata and Pitta doshas are the major causative factors.

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