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About Us

We are available in your services for more than 11 years. Our shop Gajanan Ayurved Bhandar is established on 13th April 2002, Gudipadwa. We have all types of medicines like (Tailam, Ghritam, Churna, Bhasm, Guggla, Bati, Guti, Asav, Honey, Avleha, Chyvanprash) etc.

Our Docter are giving Treatment for following diseases like :

  • For Piles
  • For Growing Height
  • For Stone
  • For Spondylitis
  • For Memory Problems
  • For Asthama
  • For Sandhivat & Aamvaat
  • For Stomach Problems
  • For Feritlity Problems
  • For Menstrual Cycle Problems
  • For Quitting Tbobbaco
  • For Loose Weight
  • For Gain Weight
  • For Kidney Failuie
  • For Skin diseases
  • For Hair Problems
  • For Small Kids Diseases
  • For Diabetes
  • For Blood Pressure
  • For Heart Diseases
  • For AIDS
  • For Cancer
  • For Pimples & Boils

Our Docter are Specialist in giving treatments for pregnent ladies and after the birth of the child.

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